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Non-Profit Organization Operations

Non-profit organizations account for a significant portion of the national economy. They provide valuable products and services to the rest of the country, and they are accorded incentives such as tax exemption to allow them to achieve their objectives. Unfortunately, isolated--but well-publicized--instances of abuse by non-profit fiduciaries have led to criticisms of the entire industry. As a result, public scrutiny of non-profit organizations has increased dramatically in recent years.

In light of this increased scrutiny, it is imperative that organization directors, officers and managers pay close heed to their fiduciary obligations. The implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with tax and other regulatory requirements is critical. Constant focus on the underlying objectives and basis for tax exemption are essential.

We work with organization boards, management and staff in gaining an understanding of the unique rules that apply to tax exempt organizations. Areas as diverse as fundraising disclosures, unrelated business income, transactions with affiliated organizations, and executive compensation all raise significant tax issues. We provide guidance not only on specific issues, but also on comprehensive guidelines for operations and achieving exempt purposes.

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