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Retirement Planning

Many of us spend a significant amount of time keeping track of receipts and other documentation so that we can maximize our tax deductions each year. We try to structure our affairs so as to minimize the tax bite at April 15th. Such attention to current planning results in tax savings - more dollars left in our pockets.

What if we could plan now for savings and benefits to be received in two years? Ten years? Twenty years? The opportunity to maximize future benefits rests in large part on the groundwork we lay today. The growth of tax-deferred savings and the dynamics of compounding are key tools that may alleviate the pressure of funding retirement.

Our planning analysis helps you to receive the maximum amount from your retirement or 401(k) plan. We can assist you in analyzing the advantages of establishing an individual retirement account (IRA), a simplified employee pension (SEP) plan, or, for the self-employed, a Keogh plan. We can help evaluate the benefits to you of the new vehicles being introduced by Congress for tax-deferred savings. For small businesses, we can help evaluate the various retirement vehicles that might be a good fit for the business.

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